These are some of the features
   that make Recollect such a
     unique platform.


Manage Assets

Recollect is a powerful digital asset management system that simplifies the storage and optimisation of your text and media assets.


  • Integrated platform for audio, video, text & image files
  • Secure storage of high resolution  “master”  files and all derivatives
  • Thumbnail & access files created automatically 
  • PDFs converted for fast loading & page turning
  • Automatic OCR converts all printed material to searchable text
  • Batch upload tools for files and metadata  
  • Automatic extraction of geo-coordinates and other EXIF metadata

Manage Metadata

We understand the importance of metadata to the integrity and usability of your material. Recollect manages all the descriptive, technical and rights metadata you need to keep.


  • Metadata templates are simple to construct & configure  
  • Templates include smart fields for embedding tables, images, YouTube videos & Geo-coordinates
  • Templates include picklists, self-lookup and linked data fields to improve data consistency.
  • Batch edit tools help you clean up and enhance your data quickly 
  • Metadata is easily exported  as XML or CSV files

Discover & Display

It's not enough to have great content, the experience of searching, navigating and viewing it should also be amazing.


  • Faceted and advanced search options
  • Dynamic browsing by maps, tag clouds, timelines & image carousels
  • Use linked data to explore new connections 
  • Users can drag, resize and rotate images.
  • View high resolution files at 100% with pan & zoom tiles
  • Quick page turning & thumbnail ribbons to browse documents
  • Video streaming
  • No plugins!

Engage people

Invite your users to contribute their insights, research, annotations, improvements and corrections. Your data isn’t the end of the story it’s now the beginning.


  • Connect images to Google map & street views
  • Tag the features and people in photos
  • Link assets to richer contextual information within your site
  • Link assets to other resources on the web
  • Invite comment, discussion, stories, recollections
  • Set up a crowdsource project in Recollect

Share & Download

If your data is there to be shared, why not make it easy for people to access it, circulate it and use it appropriately.


  • One click to share assets & searches to facebook, twitter, email and other accounts
  • All ‘sharing’ is linked back to the asset on your site
  • Multiple options to download ‘web quality’ copies
  • Shopping cart for the purchase of high resolution or print copies
  • Quick registration using Linkedin, Facebook and email accounts
  • “My Collection” space to store, organise and share favourites
  • API lets other systems connect and exchange data with you 

Control & Protect

Recollect gives you precise control over who has access to your site, what content they see and what actions they perform. Combine this with comprehensive reporting and you can be confident that your material is fully protected.


  • Your site can be password protected in full or in part
  • Access rules can be applied to roles, individuals & groups
  • Content can be restricted at any level
  • All changes are logged and can be rolled back  
  • All activity on your site is tracked and can be monitored
  • High resolution files can be displayed and delivered securely
  • Image rights are managed  

Capture Knowledge

Where Recollect really takes off is as a knowledge base. A store where information about history, people, places, actions and procedures can be developed and linked to your digital assets.


  • Link assets to centralised information within your site
  • Link this information to other digital resources on the web
  • Capture your professional knowledge and expertise
  • Gather new knowledge from your community and stakeholders
  • Set up new links and connections as your site grows
  • Convert static data into linked data

Make it yours

Recollect is built on graph technology which gives you great freedom to adapt, customize and expand your site.


  • Customize the look & design to fit your brand
  • Turn features & tools on or off to suit your needs
  • Create and customize new pages
  • Add new elements and collections as your ideas evolve
  • No limits on the number of assets, visitors, users or traffic
  • Platform independent
  • Need something different - our developers can build it.

Use The Crowd

Recollect's Crowdsourcing Module allows you to harness the power of the community to manage large, task based projects. From anywhere.


  • Crowdsource tasks such as transcription, OCR correction, image cropping & assessment
  • Run your digital volunteers through a quick tutorial to get them trained and ready to start
  • Display statistics and graphs on who your star contributors are and how the project is progessing
  • Choose an approval process that gives you the level of control, accuracy and review that you require
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