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Will we see you at NDF in Wellington?

Posted by Tracey Butler on 17 November 2014 | 1 Comments


Recollect will be at NDF on 25 and 26 November.  Janine, Michelle and Andy will be on site, and while they will be eagerly attending the sessions they would love to catch up with you during breaks.  Some Recollect clients are speaking at NDF this year, so pop in and hear:

  • Judith Bright of John Kinder Theological Library
    'Digitising Church Newspapers: Endless possibilities'
    (25/11, Rangimarie 2, 2pm)
  • Reid Perkins of Upper Hutt City Library
    'Digital communities: Inviting community involvement in digital heritage collections'
    (26/11, Soundings, 1.30pm)

There are some really interesting topics on the agenda this year. We're looking forward to the panel discussion 'Digital music archiving in New Zealand' in Rangimarie 1 at 11am on 26 November. What speakers are on your 'must see' list?  



  • Definitely interested in those you mention, plus keynotes Brewster Kahle and homegrown Evelyn Wareham.Elycia Wallis, the panel on #DigitalPreservation and Anne Beattie ... Can't wait!

    Posted by Andy, 21/11/2014 2:08pm (4 years ago)

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