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LIANZA members visit NZMS

Posted by Monica Tresch on 14 March 2017 | 0 Comments

NZMS opened their doors to members of LIANZA Te Upoko o te Ika a Maui last Friday (St Patrick's Day) to see our team in action. An entertaining start to the afternoon with a viewing of NZMS staff exhibition “My Guilty Pleasures” where Andy got to promote his quirky adoration for QR codes, among other interesting and slightly quirky staff pastimes such as hanging out in Crocs, or using a Pink Flamingo drink float.

We spent a few minutes upstairs in our sister company Desktop Imaging before the main event; a tour of NZMS’ Operations area where we saw many fascinating projects underway across our extensive and unique capture and digitisation equipment. A brief overview of post-capture processing highlighted the vast nature of this topic alone, especially the diversity of metadata options and file formats.

Digitising audio and visual media is a hot topic in the GLAM sector, especially making local history media accessible. The visitors were given a brief overview and got to see a vast range of audio-visual equipment used in “the lab” as we fondly call it. Moving to a display room, Martin Smith gave us demonstration of the ST Kiosk “face-up photocopier” showing how smart technology can give front of house a simple solution to book-scanning and facilitate customer self-help. He also freaked out the guests somewhat when he picked up some circa-WWI documents with bare hands, however they were relieved to find out it was a very good replica which is one of the new services we offer.

Gavin and Tracey presented an overview of our Recollect community engagement platform over a relaxing barista-style coffee and good old kiwiana biccies. Most of the NZMS Wellington-based team got to interact with the visitors as we love to do. Thanks to Kareen, Brigid & Kathryn from LIANZA Te Upoko for coordinating, and especially for the St Patricks Day themed choccie treats which we have shared with the team.

You are all very welcome to visit again!



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